Tax Advisory Services

The demands of corporate are many. From one side, shareholders are demanding double-digit growth every year due to the competition being so fierce and intense, a market leader today can be bankrupt tomorrow. It is an uncertain world, with great opportunities and daunting challenges.
How do firms manage these dynamic forces and ensure long term successes? Our management solutions help our client organizations to answer these questions. A firm may need help with developing corporate strategy, repositioning, restructuring or even financing, we can be of help. Our team of consultants having experience in diverse fields can provide insight and know-how to achieve your company goals. We possess the right people, with the right knowledge and the experience to come up with and implement a successful solution.

Tax Planning

Assisting clients with tax functions by aligning with the organization goals and providing strategic, tactical & transactional business solutions using the core competencies of taxes

Tax Review

Carrying out in-depth tax reviews of companies to identify the overall tax position including income tax and other taxes payable, refunds claimable, assessments received, appeals, etc.

Handling of Tax Payments

Obtaining registration, analyzing, computing on a monthly/quarterly basis, filing of returns, handling of payments and maintaining records of the relevant files for PAYE, VAT and other numerous taxes

Appeals & Board Reviews

Representing clients before tax authorities & in appeal hearings with the Department Of Inland Revenue

Tax Reporting Services

Providing tax compliance reporting, tax process improvement solutions and quantitative data analysis